We're not just beads at Bead It.
We are ready to help you fix that favorite old necklace that has been sitting in your drawer, your friend’s bracelet that you accidentally broke, or the earrings that your grandma gave you that you would like to turn into pendants for your sister and you! Bring your piece in and we will help you both creatively and skillfully by bringing your jewelry back to life. We do not offer repairs that require soldering, but sometimes we can use our crafty minds to find different ways to fix and repair your jewelry. Below are examples and a key price list that we base most of our repair fees off of. We do offer discounts on multiple repairs, depending on the amount of work that you need done. Call for more info. No consultation time required.

Jewelry Repair Fees

Necklace Re-String

(Beading wire and crimps included.)
Most necklaces cost $20 to re-string.
Discounts are given with multiple projects.
This is a general outline. Graduated and complicated designs may include additional fees. Jewelry is evaluated and an estimate is given upon drop off.

  • Beads 8mm and up, 30” or less are $15 to restring. If longer than 30” it is $20 to re-string. The 2nd additional strand is $10, the 3rd additional strand is $5.
  • Beads 4-8mm are $20 to restring. If longer than 30” it is $25 to re-string. The 2nd additional strand is $15, the 3rd additional strand is $10 extra.
  • Beads 4mm or less are $30 to restring, If longer than 30” it is $35 to restring. The 2nd additional strand is $20 extra, 3rd additional strand is $10 extra.

Try your own hand at stringing!! If you would like to re-string the beads yourself, we will put attach each side of a necklace (one crimp) for a charge of $2 per side. Most necklaces (not all) add up to $4 for this service charge, when you choose to restring yourself.

Bracelet Re-string Fees

Beading wire and crimps included.
Generally restringing a single stranded bracelet is $10.

  • Beads 3-8mm are $10.00 to restring. The 2nd additional strand is $5.00, 3rd additional strand is $10.00.
  • Beads 3mm or less are $15.00 to restring. The 2nd additional strand is $10.00 to restring, 3rd additional strand is $15.00 to restring.

Silk Knotting Fee

Silk Cord Included.
Deconstruction fees can occur depending on the project.

  • Each Knot is $1.00. All necklaces and bracelets vary in the amount of their knots. Some discounts may apply.

Wire Wrapping Fee

Base Metal Wire Included.
Stainless Steel Wire or G.F. Wire Not Included.

  • $0.50 ea. Rosary Loop
  • $0.25 on Rosary Chain
  • $2.00 ea. Basic Wire Wrap
  • $3.00 ea. Briolette Wrap
  • $10.00 Basic Caged Stone

Miscellaneous Fees

Gluing Fee
.50 each item glued.
.50 each hole drilled.
$1.00 for each piece oxidized.
Attaching Jump Rings
Each Jump Ring attached to a jewelry item is a .50 charge.

Extra fees may be included if there is design work created by Bead It staff. These fees are our general guideline for repairs, some discounts or additional fees may be included depending on the repair. If your repair breaks within 6 months of its leaving our store, we will re-repair your jewelry one time in addition to our first repair for you. Sometimes accidents happen outside of our store with your jewelry that are out of our control and therefore, we cannot take responsibility for your jewelry upon its leaving our store. We will provide one re-repair in a six month period after your jewelry leaves our workshop.
If we are unable to fix your piece, we will give you a recommendation for another place of repair. Bead It is not responsible for beads that are decaying or falling apart from age or wear. In some cases, when deconstructing pieces, we encounter beads which are unable to be preserved. We will recommend another comparable material (or bead) and will reconstruct the piece as close to it’s original form as we are possibly able.
Please allow for up to 7 days for your jewelry to be completed (sometimes longer during peak seasons). If you require your jewelry within one day a rush fee of $10.00 will be included. This moves you to the top of our priority list! (sometimes up to 36 hours to be completed during peak seasons.)

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