We're not just beads at Bead It.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?
Monday-Saturday11am- 7pm
Sundays 1pm- 6pm

Do you have wholesale discounts?
Yes, we give 10% off at $100, and 20% off
at $250.

Can I get more of anything that I buy
at your store?

It depends on what kind of beads or
materials that you are purchasing. Many
of our items that we sell are vintage and
we only receive these items in limited
quantities. If you will be needing more of an item, make sure to ask us if there is accessibility to more of it.

Is there table space to make jewelry during business hours?
We have two open tables and two couches that you can sit and make projects on during business hours. We also allow you to check out our tools for free, if you donít have your own.

How old do children have to be for parties?
We can cater to children of many different ages. Generally, children need to be at least 5. There are a variety of projects that we have that all children will enjoy!

What is your return policy?
We will exchange anything that you buy from us at any time with a receipt.

How many people are in your classes?
We allow a maximum of 5 people in all of our classes, which guarantees that you will get a lot of personal attention!

What are your class policies?
We ask that you pay for your classes up front, and if you cannot make the class date that you scheduled, please call 48 hours in advance to change your date. If you are unable to do this, then there is a $5 change of date fee.

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